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Why I Started SwoonMe

As a single person in New York City (~6 years ago), I constantly felt as if the dating scene was all about looks. I went on many dates with people I met online but it was really difficult to connect with someone because of how superficial the attraction was.

Having given up on dating, my mom introduced me to an amazing man (who is now my husband!). I remember her saying that he might be someone really suited for my personality and could be my special someone.

He and I started talking late nights over the phone after long days at work. We would talk about our shared interests of reading, untraveled places, and languages. The conversations were endless and were naturally filled with excitement and laughter. When we finally met in person, there was undeniable chemistry between us. We fell in love with so much more than what was visible to the eye. I realized that love is a feeling, not a sight.

Love is a feeling, not a sight.

My team and I built SwoonMe to help singles find love with their ears and not just eyes. I want them to feel the tingle of excitement when you first hear someone’s voice. I want to help make romantic connections based on voice-first and not based on photos. Love should be felt, heard, and seen.

If this sounds fun and interesting to you, come feel romance before seeing it.

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