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About Us

What is SwoonMe?

SwoonMe is a voice-first dating app designed to eliminate superficial dating through vocal interactions. Members can connect with each other using sound bites, voice notes, and avatars. 
We strive to build an immersive dating experience for singles to get to know each other with real human voices rather than swiping through profile photos. 
In this world of constant visual stimulation, it’s time to feel a deeper connection. 
We want you to be swooned not by looks but by personality.

The SwoonMe Story

“I have always felt judged based on my appearance— on dates, when meeting new people, or interviewing for jobs. I didn’t want to judge and be judged solely on looks. Especially not when looking for love.

Unfortunately, appearance-based dating has been normalized in our culture. I always felt like that was the biggest pain point for singles on dating apps.

Dating shouldn’t feel like shopping in a virtual ‘meat market.’ I wanted to change this dynamic, and help build deeper, more meaningful connections between human beings.

When I watched ‘Love is Blind’, my desire to bring about a change in the dating market got stronger. We needed to find companions without feeling the unnecessary pressure of looking our best. The concept of hearing someone’s voice before seeing how they looked really spoke to me.


You can tell so much about a person by simply listening to their voice: Like their personality, sociability, emotionality, sense of humor…the list goes on. 


That’s what brings us here. Today, SwoonMe is a revolutionary product that will revolutionize the way we date and connect with potential romantic partners.


Love at First Sound Does Exist.

Tanvi Gupta

CEO & Co-Founder @SwoonMe 

Our Team

Meet the team behind SwoonMe — a bunch of romantics that just want to help write your love story! 💘😇


Tanvi Gupta
Founder & CEO


Rishabh Gupta
Co-Founder & CTO

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