About SwoonMe

SwoonMe is a Voice-first dating app meant to eliminate superficial dating through sound bites and avatars. We encourage singles to have an immersive experience with real human voices rather than swiping through profile photos. 

In this world of constant visual stimulation, we have lost sight of what makes humans real in relationships which is their ability to connect at a deeper level with the other person.  We want you to be swooned not by looks but by personality.

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Birth of SwoonMe

I have always felt judged based on appearance whether it’s going on dates, meeting new people, or interviewing for jobs. I didn’t want to judge and be judged solely on looks. While that may be warranted in many situations, it shouldn’t be the case when looking for love as it has come to be today.

Appearance-based dating has been normalized in our culture but I have always felt that this has been the biggest pain-point in dating. It feels like we are assessing our options in a virtual “meat market” on all the online dating apps. I have always felt that I wanted to change this dynamic and experience in the mainstream dating market. I wanted to build deeper meaningful connections between human beings. 


When I watched Love is Blind last summer (as the pandemic hit), it struck me that we really needed to find new innovative ways to date and find potential long-term partners. At the same time, we needed to resolve loneliness and isolation without feeling the pressure of looking our very best. The concept of hearing their voice before looks like a “new” way of dating was really the way to go.


This is when I incepted this idea of Voice-first dating in my mind. We can tell so much about a person by simply listening to their voice: personality, sociability, emotionality, and so much more. We have been hard at work building this platform for the past 6 months and I am super excited to bring this disruptive product to the market that will revolutionize the way we date and connect with potential romantic partners.

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